TIS THE SEASON (El regreso de la pelota caliente)

I love watching someone who's having a great day. Baseball gives you that opportunity. Today it's the youngster pitcher Michael Kopech. He can hardly believe it. Other days it's been Yermín Mercedes, who has had a burger named after him. You can watch a video of him trying the burger for the first time and approving. 'Tis the season.

I welcome the return of the pelota caliente a mi vida (y en mi vida laboral...    ) And I bless technology (for a change) for making it possible for me to watch the CWSox WHENEVER I WANT! The past few games have been so damn entertaining, and with my rockstar TA back in action (he's beautiful even when he Ks), I feel some relief from the strange ongoing Covid thing. Aunque desde que empezaron a cantar "God Bless America" at the park, I've felt a certain disconnect with the spectacle. It's the game I love. So play ball!

You'd be surprised how much guitar you can practice during a full-length bball game. I run songs, sets, scales... I fiddle with pegs and bridges and strings... And although I don't always put the sound up, sometimes it's nice to sink into a play-by-play in the dulcet tones of Steve and Jason, who sound like home. Still.

And then there's lunch.