The Loveliest of Re-runs: Summer in the City

Sally and Adam warming up in Palomino (Colombia)
I could probably just repost my blog from two summers ago, when I visited my hometown of Chicago and got to play with some of the musicians I love and miss when I'm away, and also meet and play with new (to me) talent, but although I'll be hanging with many of the same, there are ALWAYS new treats in store!

I'll be hitting town on June 19 and hanging around til the end of July and already have something lined up with my buddy Adam Haus at the wonderful Ciao on July 13 and hope to add at least one date with the unstoppable Venezuelan percussionist, Pibo Márquez, also in Chicago for some dates with Charles King, and, OF COURSE, I look forward to crashing every friend's gig I can (like it or not, friends...).

So I'll keep you posted and hope to see you in Chicago this summer!