Summer in Chicago!

Summer in Chicago is off to great start! I had so much fun last night sitting in with my old Xumapaz bandmate Sammie Torres and his kick-ass ensemble. Hugely soulful guest vocalist Calvin,wickedly tight and tasty old school (like I like it) bass & drums with Louie Rosario and Jesse backing the amazingly endless latin guitar chops and vocals of Rick Castaneda... Not to mention their fearless leader - Sammie "Cha-Cha" Torres! CUERO NA' MA'! Always a joy to sit in with these guys but last night at Cafe Laguardia the place was packed with so many friends and family members, all together to welcome me home, I felt SO lucky to be here and to be playing my home town.  Stay tuned for info on upcoming gigs in and around town. QUÉ VIVA CHICAGO, CARAJO!