Xumapaz Records new DVD

We've been working hard so I haven't been blogging... but I've been THINKING about blogging, an activity which deserves a verb of its own, don't you think? Is there a verb for "thinking about blogging"?

I can't remember who or what inspired the decision to attempt a "live-in-front-of-the-camera" 24-track audio, 2 HD camera video recording but by the time our 8 days of rehearsal and 4 days of recording were over I coulda killed him/her/it. Now, one week, two gigs and two cities later I'm (almost) ready to take a look at and  listen to the results. My thanks to Little House Records (Alex Vargas for countless hours of Audio Engineering and Humping of Gear); Mi Viejo Tango (Tere, Carlitos, Hamlet, Rocio y Gloria); Susana Carrié and Mavila Trujillo (Art and Video Art); Sergio García and Daniel Moure (Lights and Camera); Diego García (Camera, Videobeam and sundry); Congo Films (Carlos Congote); Israel Tanenbaum (Soulful Látigo-Style Musical Production); Juan Carlos Pulido and Daniela Castro (Make-Up); Almacen Soluciones (great rugs and moral support); Juan Kai Mejía and Batori (a bit of everything) and, above all, XUMAPAZ (LINA SANTOS, ALEX VARGAS, JAVIER PÉREZ, LUIS PACHECO and ALEXEI RESTREPO) for giving everything they have to document WHERE WE ARE NOW in the ongoing adventure. We hope to have it edited and out to you by December 2012. Love & pictures to boot! Follow this link: Link to Photos